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What's in the Name?

eKaya (noun)
isiXhosa for “my home”                                                                                                                            

We help you build your web home. Like with building a house, you need to design the perfect functional space. This is why eKaya promises support within 24 hrs Mon-Fri. We know what it takes to make your vision work, so we can recommend the ideal package for you – that is not too big, not too small, but just right. 

Before you start building your home, you need to buy land. This is where our various hosting packages come in handy – from foodie blogs to e-commerce sites, we have the land that you need. And when it all starts coming together, we have the support structure that will help you get your home up – whether it is through content development or technical support, our team of expert structural engineers, architects and interior designers are here to ensure your desired outcome.


Our Logo

Simple, yet elegant, we keep everything web under one roof. 

Our Focus
We are support services orientated. With us, owning and managing a web home is fun. Tailored to the South African market, we ensure value for money and the best web tools. Owning a web home does not need to break the bank! And neither do you need to be a tech fundi! 

Don’t be scared of the web neighbourhood! We are here to introduce you to the neighbourhood every step of the way. And, as you gain confidence, we can help you build your home even further.


At the helm of the eKaya Team is Dirk Lourens. With extensive experience as an Operations Manager with prominent NPO, StudyTrust, Dirk is data-savvy, resourceful and thrives on working towards a mutual goal. His entrepreneurial spirit really took off when he started developing websites in 2005. Since then, the company has grown to accommodate the entire spectrum of website development with a team complement that supports various functions. With years of experience in web design and holding an official Internet Marketing certificate, Dirk will personally help you create the look, feel and functionality you need for your business or organisation. Dirk is also an ordained minister of religion, which further highlights his service-driven attitude, and as such he has presented many practical church courses.


What are we all about?

eKaya also provides the internet entrepreneur and/or hobbyist the opportunity to provide their services for some income without having to keep up with all the administrative requirements that hosting a site requires.


eKaya provides you with the opportunity to develop your Internet skills and your web presence. We have all the internet components for a successful online web home. We offer you a low-cost, low-risk option that is your best chance of succeeding online. 

We aim to provide professional, cost-effective and user-friendly web hosting and web construction for:

      Hobbies                 Families                 Clubs                 Organisations
      Schools                 Churches               Businesses


eKaya supports Open Source Software. As such, you will be charged for the time and skills used to create and administer your web home and as far as possible not for the software itself. 

eKaya will create your web home to work for your hobby, family, club, organisation, church, school, small business and produce the desired results, e.g. appealing to your target group and easy navigation. E-commerce is available from our Advanced Hosting package where your own secure online shop or online payment facilities can make your web homework for you.


Content Management
Where possible, eKaya uses Joomla! Open Source Software to cut down on costs.

You can even download, set up and manage Joomla! on your own by referring to our Control Panel.


Marketing Your Site
eKaya can advise you on current web promotions, joining certain search engines, connecting your site with social media and using SEO to your advantage.


Maintaining Your Site
eKaya can maintain your web home at a small monthly fee. See our Support Plans.


  * Please enquire Here if you need more information about our services and plans.