How to get started? Plan your web home!

eKaya WEB Services provides you with all the Internet components your eKaya (website) needs to be online. We offer you a low cost, low-risk option that is your best chance of succeeding online. We have tried to make the application process as easy as possible. Here are some important notes to consider when planning your site.

1. Choose your rental plan (Hosting plans)
eKaya WEB Services ( offers you a wide range of services: from the very basic to the more technical and involved service. Our focus is on the amateur/ novice individual/ business/ organisation that would like to enter this much-needed marketing opportunity, but typically would be a bit scared and uncertain to enter this sometimes unfriendly and dangerous neighbourhood. We would like to introduce you gradually to this new neighbourhood and help you to gain confidence and ease on how to be careful and alert to some of the neighbourhood dangers. Therefore we start off with very basic and very low-cost services (just as school leavers would enter the job market and start off very small, but are constantly developing their lives and circumstances…) At eKaya WEB Services you will upgrade and make your personal touch known in your own time, experience, need and budget. We promise a friendly, understanding and simple - yet very effective, service to you and wish you peace and ease of mind in the eKaya WEB Services neighbourhood!

eKaya WEB Services’ rental plans: (No bond required here!)
To build your eKaya (website) you will need some "land". We have four sizes of land available to rent. The different sizes of the land (disc space) determine how large and complex your eKaya may be and how many "occupants" (e-mail accounts) you may host in them. You will also need "electricity" (bandwidth) to enable all your devices. Once you've chosen your land size and eKaya you will choose an address (domain name) for visitors and clients to find you. STANDARD HOSTING:
     "Stand size": 0.75 Gb disc space per month
     "Rooms": up to 3 pages
     ''Electricity'': 5 Gb bandwidth per month
     ''Occupants'': up to 25 e-mail addresses
     "Address":  One free or domain registration/transfer on first signup.
     "Rent": Hosting at R42.40 per month payable annually (12 months in advance R508.90) or R49.90 monthly.
     "Address":  One free or domain registration/transfer on first signup.

This option is ideal for (sports) clubs, community forums, community services and family groupings which would like to enter the world wide web neighbourhood and make their presence known. This can also be used as an advertisement for your business or the services you render with your basic contact details, your vision and a list of your services. Those involved in network marketing could benefit greatly from this option. ADVANCED HOSTING:
     "Stand size": 3 Gb disc space per month
     "Rooms": up to 9 rooms (pages)
     ''Electricity'': unlimited bandwidth per month
     ''Occupants'': up to 100 e-mail addresses
     "Rent": Hosting at R74.90 per month payable annually (12 months in advance R1222.90) or R101.90 monthly.
     "Address":  One free or domain registration/transfer on first signup.

Typically you’ve gained experience on the web neighbourhood and you started to benefit from your presence on the web and you now know it’s time to expand! Acquiring an Advanced sized eKaya opens up much-needed services to help you expand your web presence, functionality and... profit!  Lots of extras (components and modules) are now available. Most of our customers prefer this option. MASTER HOSTING:
      "Stand size": 7 Gb disc space per month
      "Rooms": unlimited rooms (pages)
      ''Electricity'': unlimited bandwidth per month
      ''Occupants'': up to 200 e-mail addresses
      "Rent": Hosting at R246.40 per month payable annually (12 months in advance R2956.90) or R289.90 monthly.
      "Address":  One free or domain registration/transfer on first signup.

Your eKaya is growing and you need sophisticated features and support! With this option, your (and our) imagination knows no limit…

NB. Your internet address would be something as follows: and must be renewed annually. The renting of your "land" and "electricity" is payable 12 months in advance, bi-annually or per month. The longer your rent the cheaper it becomes.

See our Comparison Chart for a more technical explanation of our rental plans!

2. Designing and constructing of your eKaya
You've chosen your stand and determined the size you need your eKaya to be and now needs to start with the design and the construction.

With eKaya WEB Services you have the option to install & build your eKaya with Joomla or other reliable website builders provided for in our eKaya Control Panel (Softaculous). Please see our Tutorials with lots of help to build your own site... or sit back and relax while we install, design and construct your dream eKaya for you.

In the case that you do not want to or do not have the time to build your own eKaya, you may choose one of our Design Plans and we will gladly design and build your eKaya for you! Design and support plans are available for our Hosting as well as Weebly Plans. See our different Design Plans Here.

3. Plan before you buy!
Before rushing off, think about how the website should be structured:

What is the aim of your eKaya? Who is the intended audience?

A useful eKaya will generally have a clearly defined purpose - although this purpose may evolve with time. Understanding the purpose of the eKaya will help you determine what content it should contain. The aim of an eKaya will also be linked to the intended audience. Consider the following:
     Who is your audience?
     Who do you expect the main visitors of your site to be? Who else might use the site?
     What information and resources do they need? What would they find useful?
     What type and level of technical access will the primary target audience have?

For example, are they likely to be using the latest browsers (Internet Explorer or Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc), or will they be older versions? Is restricted bandwidth a problem? Users in South Africa may have slow Internet connections and use older browsers.

What can visitors contribute to your site?
Are you developing a resource which would benefit from the contributions of visitors?
What would be appropriate criteria for the evaluation of your eKaya?

Draw up a checklist, and bear the points it contains in mind when you develop your eKaya.

What - in broad outline - will your eKaya contain?
After you have thought about what the general aim of your eKaya is, and who the target audience is likely to be, think about what content - in broad outline - should be included on the site.
     What information could it contain?
     What sections could be included?
     Are the contents likely to be static, or would it be updated frequently?

Consider what existing materials you would like to have on the site (for example brochures, course outlines and reports), what additional materials you need to develop, and - depending on the nature of the site - what external resources (such as other websites relating to your subject area) you need to identify.
It's useful to write ideas down on cards so that they can be arranged and re-arranged when you start planning the site's structure. Take into consideration:

Play around with the "content cards" and see what categories suggest themselves.
Develop a "map" of the site (you may find the following link helpful.

Decide what navigational help should be provided on each page - consistency in navigation will make the site much easier to use. Decide what other information (such as contact details) should be provided on each page.

Bear in mind that the structure will impact on the maintenance of the site. For example, avoid structuring the site so that you will have to update every page on the site every time you make a minor addition.

Landscaping (eKaya look and feel)
This determines what your eKaya will look like. You would want your eKaya to reflect your personal or company image with your banner, logo and (corporate) colours.

Entrance Hall (Welcome / Home or landing page)
This is the first page that the user will see on your eKaya.  This page will set the tone of the eKaya and provides the user with information on the type of products, services or content to be found on your site.

Rooms (Content Pages, Apps)
A Room is a name associated with the content/product/service you would like to display on your eKaya.
The category name will need to have some descriptive content associated with it so visitors can learn more about the content/product/service offering.

You should name your rooms as the names would form your Menu. The menu is used to find all the pages/content on your site.

Once set-up, you will also need to configure your content per category. This content must be supplied with the category name. Adding to that, you will want to upload your images into your category content. Try not to supply more than five images per (A4) page of content, or have scattered images on different pages of content.  

Communication (About us, Contact us and Help contact details)
This section deals with the “About us”, “Contact us” and “Support” information present on your eKaya. This information provides the visitor with relevant information about the reason for the existence of your eKaya; how to contact you and general help information should they have any questions while visiting your eKaya.

Disclaimer & Legal (Terms and Conditions)
eKaya WEB Services requires that you have a legal disclaimer on your eKaya. We could provide you with a standard disclaimer or you may wish to provide one set-up by your own internet lawyer.

4. How to apply/order?
eKaya WEB Services would gladly like to help you with: registering your domain name for you; planning and constructing your own eKaya; hosting your eKaya; providing communication means; general maintenance and ownership on the Web!

   * Please Order Here if you’re interested in becoming part of our cyber neighbourhood.
   * You may also apply here for an eKaya Planning form after you've ordered.


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